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Removing Trees on Your Own: What Can Possibly Go Wrong?


There are many reasons why homeowners may choose to have a tree removed from their property. Perhaps, the tree has sustained substantial storm damage and developed a dangerous lean as a result. Or maybe, it has been ravaged by pests, disease or old age to the extent that it presents a potential danger or has become an eyesore. Other reasons for tree removal may be that the tree is growing too close to a power line, its roots may be damaging the sidewalk or providing an obstruction in sewer lines. Sometimes, it is just a matter of personal preference. Whatever the reason, removing a tree is a hazardous job and should not be attempted by amateurs. Following are just a few of the many reasons why things can go wrong when homeowners attempt to remove trees on their property themselves.

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When to Remove a Hazardous Tree From Your Yard


Trees are desirable features on any property, but when managed poorly, they can also be dangerous. Falling wood can damage structures and cause serious injury. It’s important to reduce these risks as much as possible. Here are some things to look out for if you’re wondering whether your tree could be a hazard.

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